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Termite control in Dubai- termite exterminator

Why termites flourish in Dubai

Termites are very destructive insects which remain active from spring to late fall season in Dubai. They only need warm weather and moisture, as a result, they can eat or feed structure throughout the year which means destruction at a big level. Yalla Pest Control is the industry-leading pest control service which has more than 10-year experience in termite control service in Dubai. Therefore, we strongly recommend professional pest exterminator, which use effective and professional termite control ways for the treatment of termite to protect your property from big destruction. We have proven records to protect the properties from these woods eating nasty insects.

Professional Termite control service  in Dubai:

Spring season start and termite becomes more active than another season. This is the right time for termite control treatments. Here are a few tips from our highly qualified pest control team.

termite control service in dubai

Termite control service in Dubai

How to prevent termite in Dubai:

  • Firstly, you need to check the gutters to confirm is any break or barrier there. This will help you to stop creating the moisture conditions which attracts the termite.
  • Next step is to trim the tree branches in such a way especially to allow the sunlight to the densely shaded area around the home.
  • Put space between the plants in your landscaping area to make sure the better airflow between them. Whenever you water the plants due to crossing wind topsoil will dry faster.
  • Remove wood waste from the yard of the home because termites are firmly attracted to the decaying wood.
  • If your home has a crawl space beneath then consider having it sealed to protect from moisture creating conditions because damp attracts the termite.
  • Secondly, you have to learn to identify the termites and flying ants and the difference between them.
  • Keep the lights off during the night in the yard or replace the white lights with the yellow insect-resistant lights to keep the insects far from your yard.
  • If you have any logs or stumps into your yard them consider removing them to control the termite.

Termite control service in summer in Dubai:

In the summer termites take advantage of the heat they operate smoothly like machines. As a result, termite damage the wood structures more as compare to the other season. Here are few tips to follow to prevent your property from termites in Dubai.

  • To avoid forming conditions for damp or stagnant water which can attract termite to your area.
  • Don’t buried the wood or timber waste into your yard furthermore eliminate the products which touch your yard soil because termites are strongly attracted to them.
  • Also, to protect your home keep checking either wood of your home is touching the soil or not.
  • At the same time keep inspecting the exterior area of your home is any mud tube over there that is the sign of termite presence over there. Look into dark areas as well as check mud tubes into the interior of the home because worker termite makes these tubes to keep them from drying out.

Yalla pest control provides year-round protection from the termite for your homes and properties. Consequently, don’t wait until the termite makes a meal of your home and property wood structure and get protected now before the big destruction happen.

Termite prevention tips in fall:

In the fall termite don’t grow like other insects these wood-eating insects live in the ground, and they find the right conditions and circumstances they destruct the human-made wood structures. You can follow these tips to protect your property and home.

  • Remove all the rake leaves from the yard because they create humidity conditions into your home which attract the termites.
  • Trimming bushes and moving plants around. Hence to ensure airflow int the landscaping to dry topsoil of the yard after watering the plants.
  • Inspect for the mud tubes in the interior and exterior of the foundations of your home and property.

How termite colonies work:

Termite colonies consist of workers, soldiers, alates, a queen and a king. They all play their important roles to build new colonies of the termite. On the other hand, alates termite have wings in the colonies only which can fly. These are the male and female termite which reproduce termite called swarmer and they take care after by the termite until they can reproduce new colonies.

The queen and his king reproduce children she makes her abdomen as larger as possible. Similarly, king termite remains with her queen whole life in the same way to produce new children. The offspring termites are the worker termites which have the ability to eat. Consequently, all the other termites only rely on the workers therefore worker termites damage the wood properties. Queen of termite communicates with the workers to develop them into soldiers to protect their colony from threats of the predators.

How Yalla Professional termite control works in Dubai:

Use of trusted and tried method termite control is liquid termiticide treatments. It works by creating a chemical barrier around the wood structures. Whenever termites pass through the barrier they come into contact and share it with others. It is done by the drilling and trenching and by putting the chemicals into the ground. This method is old, and there is no way to knowing that chemicals wear out and as a result it becomes ineffective.

However, there is a new solution which is termite bait stations on the other hand the most trusted product is Sentricon. It is awarded by presidential green chemistry. Liquid barriers don’t give any evidence and termite become a serious threat any many property owners give up on their necessary termite protection. Sentricon is a vital investment to your property.

Why help is necessary from professional termite treatment:

  • These termites are the nasty wood-eating insects and travel as far as the length of a football field underground to find the sources of the food. You will never see crawling them into the yard.
  • When they come up of the soil towards your wood structure you will see the mud tubes. In this way, they eat all the wood structure.
  • Swarmer can fly in the air two to three minutes to reach your wood structure. When they reach there don’t last than thirty minutes.
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